Welcome to the 29th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference

The 29th Annual Marine Law Enforcement Conference builds on the success of last year’s first joint conference with the Maritime Security West Conference in Everett, WA. The Program provides marine law enforcement officers with the tools, knowledge and skills needed to meet and enhance their day to day operations.  It is the best once a year opportunity for all marine law officers from across the state of WA to network, collaborate and learn from each other and law enforcement agencies from across the U.S.



The combination of Maritime Security West and the 29th Annual Marine Law Enforcement (MLE) Conference makes the program the largest and most comprehensive maritime security and law enforcement event in the U.S. With one exhibit hall for both conferences and workshops, exhibitors will have access to all participants of the program during exhibit hall times, meals and networking events.  With more than 300 participants expected, this event will be the largest gathering of maritime security professionals and law enforcement officers in the U.S.


All workshops and conference sessions will be ran in three segments:  General Sessions, ports, commerce and facility security and marine law enforcement.  These segments will be conducted in smaller workshop settings allowing for better interaction between facilitator and attendees.  It also allows attendees to have more breaks to interact with other attendees and exhibitors.  Only 4-5 general sessions will be conducted in the main session hall (in exhibit hall) on topics that will be relevant to all participants as a whole.  FYI, we conducted this model at the 2017 East program in Galveston and it was extremely successful and beneficial for attendees, presenters and exhibitors.

You spoke and we listened.  This year's workshop program will address topics that more directly impact your day to day operations.  It will conducted to be more hands on tailored to your needs. 



 On-Water Enhanced Vessel Operations Courses

WA State Parks Boating Commission will be conducting EVOC (Enhanced Vessel Operations Courses) for all marine law enforcement officers including those attending from outside WA State.  The Enhanced Vessel Operator Courses will teach students the intricacies of team coordination and vessel intercepts, pursuits, shadowing, and herding. This course is intense and designed for sworn officers and USCG personnel with over 6 months of boat handling experience.  These courses will take place nearby at Foss Waterway Seaport and will occur in 3 days increments.  Upon completion of the course, all students will receive NASBLA certification.


 The Department of Energy CTOS–Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training to Conduct the “Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement”

CTOS CoinThe “Radiological/Nuclear WMD Operations for Law Enforcement” Course provides law enforcement personnel with fundamental knowledge regarding two distinct mission spaces related to Radiological/Nuclear threats. The course addresses the Preventive Radiological Nuclear Detection (PRND) mission including program structure, operational modes and federal assets.  The response mission area includes an overview of recognition of the threat or incident, protective measures, notifications and securing the incident site during Radiological/Nuclear WMD incident as they relate to law enforcement operations.

The course will be 4 hours long per FEMA guidelines and will take place on Sept. 20th. It will take place at the Bicentennial Pavilion with a time to be announced.  Training is open to all participants of the Maritime Security West and Marine Law Enforcement Conference. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


Port of Tacoma Open House and Luncheon

On Sept. 20th, the Port of Tacoma will be hosting a luncheon and a capabilities open house.  The Port and it's security partners will be displaying and demonstrating their security assets including incidents response technologies and tactical vessels and vehicles.

Port of Tacoma Security Tour

After the Luncheon and Showcase, attendees will be taken on a bus tour of the port and its security operations.



On-water and Pier-side Demonstrations

Demonstrations of the latest technologies and vessels by exhibitors in an actual port environment will be witnessed by end-users from across the state and country. This is a great hands-on opportunity for participants to test new equipment.



 Conference and Workshop Sessions

New for 2017, a series of workshops will be held specifically for marine law enforcement.  General Sessions, Technology/Cyber Security, and Ports Security Workshops will be optional for all MLE Conference Attendees.

Exhibit Hall

Over 40 companies will showcase the latest technologies, tactical vessels, and other tools to conference participants.

Networking Events

Joint networking breakfasts, lunches and receptions brings everyone together to mingle and network in a warm, professional setting. Extended networking events are designed to forge and/or enhance relationships amongst maritime security stakeholders.